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Friday, September 7, 2012

Malacca Chapter 1

Back from Sabah last June after Kaamatan festival we having our own vacation at Malacca on 1st till 4th June 2012, i guess this is my 1st vacation we made without thinking which hotel we gonna stay, where we supposed to go after reach Malacca, all of our plane was spontaneous instead we already planing before i and Stacy was in  Sabah, Before back to peninsular i try find out all A Famosa's hotel, so bad! i didn't have any card credit to book room via internet. So we decide to find hotel after reach Malacca then, I text my brother to help us find hotel nearest Bandar Hilir, We are going to visit Alfonso de Albuqueque (spelling error) lol! 
eca_dd_pok_waxe_fahtie_Ian(1st day) 
 4 days having fun each other,  laughing, teasing , and having a process to be a
1st day our journey been accompany by rain, so we decide go shopping mall at Mahkota Parade, i bagging u if u came here don't forget bring u GPS(GUNA PUN SESAT) , u may lost your self for few hours to find sign "KELUAR" ... the shopping mall was to huge for me untill we lost our self to find, toilet and makan area..
our journey 4 nigh3 days,
1) grave exhibition different ethnic at Malaysia and world wide
2) St Xavier Church at hill, nice view from top of the hill..
3) BECA.. 
4) stamp exhibition
 5) menara taming sari (try tis 1 peeps)
6)hang out at pasar malam till 12 am
7) sleeping while watching cinema (Mahkota parade) 12 t0 2 am
viewing from top of St Francis Xavier Church..
    Ah btw i been here for the 3rd time already, but this is the best vacation i had than before...
p/s to Ozja and gang munyitss soon we are going to CAMERON HIGHLAND.. prepared!!!!..
unique BECA, lol go anak kampung song wat? pemes sampai d melaka suda lagu ko mr jimmy lol..
proud of it..
aiyyooo 1 am ady ou, will continue it soon..
p/s to apekk.. hows mine entry.. good kha.? huhu
SEE YEAHH....  nite  


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  2. nice entry...siok jalan2..heheh..ur blog punya playlist, kiss in the rain remind me of sabah youth day..heheh..anyway, cute blog...done following u..come visit mine!