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Friday, September 7, 2012

Malacca Chapter 1

Back from Sabah last June after Kaamatan festival we having our own vacation at Malacca on 1st till 4th June 2012, i guess this is my 1st vacation we made without thinking which hotel we gonna stay, where we supposed to go after reach Malacca, all of our plane was spontaneous instead we already planing before i and Stacy was in  Sabah, Before back to peninsular i try find out all A Famosa's hotel, so bad! i didn't have any card credit to book room via internet. So we decide to find hotel after reach Malacca then, I text my brother to help us find hotel nearest Bandar Hilir, We are going to visit Alfonso de Albuqueque (spelling error) lol! 
eca_dd_pok_waxe_fahtie_Ian(1st day) 
 4 days having fun each other,  laughing, teasing , and having a process to be a
1st day our journey been accompany by rain, so we decide go shopping mall at Mahkota Parade, i bagging u if u came here don't forget bring u GPS(GUNA PUN SESAT) , u may lost your self for few hours to find sign "KELUAR" ... the shopping mall was to huge for me untill we lost our self to find, toilet and makan area..
our journey 4 nigh3 days,
1) grave exhibition different ethnic at Malaysia and world wide
2) St Xavier Church at hill, nice view from top of the hill..
3) BECA.. 
4) stamp exhibition
 5) menara taming sari (try tis 1 peeps)
6)hang out at pasar malam till 12 am
7) sleeping while watching cinema (Mahkota parade) 12 t0 2 am
viewing from top of St Francis Xavier Church..
    Ah btw i been here for the 3rd time already, but this is the best vacation i had than before...
p/s to Ozja and gang munyitss soon we are going to CAMERON HIGHLAND.. prepared!!!!..
unique BECA, lol go anak kampung song wat? pemes sampai d melaka suda lagu ko mr jimmy lol..
proud of it..
aiyyooo 1 am ady ou, will continue it soon..
p/s to apekk.. hows mine entry.. good kha.? huhu
SEE YEAHH....  nite  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

i'll be baclll la la la la.

Hallo guys, its been a while didn't keep in touch with you'll..
considering "my" line connection here i meant at "home" i wouldn't touch any single words on this page back then. Btw i can rewrite my thought at Agilent (my working place) but got many people see what! "Malu lha lo ada orang tgk" lol
i want my "not too perfect entry" i guess, is the best sharing for you all especially the one who want me update my mess up blog.. ^^ Apek! lol. Actually i been waiting too long to visit my little
 Miss Peggy( now Miss Aerica) ) but Google din't allowed me to do so, because every time i log in my blog, the massage of
Psssh i forgot my blog's password aiyooo..
 but Google din't allowed me to do so, because every time i log in my blog, i meet this massage " U EMAIL DIN'T MATCH WITH U PASSWORD'  aiyoo
Psssh i forgot my blog's password aiyooo.. lol\
 anyway ^^  wide world.. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

shallom!!!!!'s carolling season!!
 Joy to the world for those who spreads the good news from God...
kkd dalungan long time i didn't heard any news from u ^^,
 some of us fly to find news journey,
 so we let our juniorians to attend and fill about christmas spirit..
jane, connie, bibiana, esther ,GG, caron , caroline i miss u..
and also the guitarist hehe

A wondeful story of our christmas carol not just a relationship we made,
but a compile of old paper that full of our super duper memorable memory...
got santa clause looo^^
visit my unt house, that i never know she is my unt before....

i'm not so sure about my christmas this year
christmas without budak2 mulau a.k.a jesseca n veronica.
=( !!!!
22 till  31 2011 is good enuf to cuti2 malaysia with my niece...
still counting......~~~

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Road trip~ chpt 1

helloooo peepsss!!! how's life?
i'm back with hundred story to tell u'll, while i'm being too busy lately..
cehh!!perasan punya budak. hahaha..
ok! peeps,
 this week i'm having a road to kedah with friends of mine..
actually it's not my plane as well, coriousity kill the cat!! i been too coriousity to see malay life in Gurun's kampung site,
it's took two and half hours from penang and one hour from sungai far juga lha..felda area, most of it was kelapa sawit and kebun getah...
quite amazing, kebun getah near house site,,
it's totally different from my town at tambunan..
our family's kebun ketah actually so far from my garnny house
we need to walk about 2 hours form home...tired lehhhhhh!!!
i already try it a once, seem it's to far i not to joined them again..
jauh gilaaaa, naik turun bukitt...
kadang2 ada ada wild boar nah!!!....
disitu lha momment yg paling  funny lol..(cannot story2 here) hohoho
btw creadit to masqur , he lets us stayed a night at his house,,,^^
reach to masqur's house around  11 pm,
we been invite to get supper...rice and chicken curry, wasaeiii...delishus looo...hahahaha...
ah something special about this kawan, he is from kadang2 we heard their communicate in their language yg sya sendiri pun xda fhm...
supper finish, we need a long nap,
 tommorow was an excited day to mansau2 around sp.....^^
i woke up around 8 am!!!
wuahhh that awesome,
 it was too cold...
just like my hometown ^^ hehe
b. cont...
chpt 2...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

advent mood..hihi

wuahhh advent month is near !!! hehe, 7 days more to go..while i'm far away from hometown , i would never forget about caroling..."i lagadon tomod moi caroling"..

p/s happy advent month to all of u...
         s-p-cially mumy and dadyy, be a good warden during x'mas yeah..may papa bless u

bye2 ^^

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


hey peeps!!! shallommmm i been in silence mood recently...
what i'm gonna to say ar...ozja!! helleeeepp me..hehehe..nie bah i just want to say "nunu habar dikoyu toinsanan ngawiiii" huhuhu
i guess i wanna do some reflect in my b-u-t-full language...
cannn kannn toing3...
booommmp...i just want to share about my kalaja hiti penang boh,
sombuhan noh oku poinkalaja hiti sodu..ogumu experiance i can gain youchhhh..tadau koiso poinkalaja kan ogumu perkara olucu jadii hhoho
asasat nga waroo...mamanau yahai moi kalaja tie,
aiso kolita kan..sodihhhh..singko bangla kadi waxe hahaha
2 b cont....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

dude does!!

let's the thing's truly happen...
"HE"<----- will deserve the pain [what's come around goes around] huh!
yesterday we having a raya day at Fatie's house..
wuahh so far de lha from bayan lepas....ok lha we just taking half an hour to arrive
i meet 3 little cute girl, anish , qistina and aminah.. so hen ke ai wooo
after attending raya at fati's house, taqi invite us having a dinner at chicken chop..
hurmmm raya d restaurant...kunun..
so bad de lha, 2 jam kmi tgu order, tpi  xda sampai2 lagi..aiyooo sabarrrrrrr!!!
nasib ada tv, bleh juga kmi tgk tv..
tpi berita lha pla hurmmm..
sush juga mw communicate ngn org yg bukn 1 kepala....^^
not k.aisyh n stcy,,tpi "dyoranggg"
org yg order lewat pun, leh dpt mknnan awal...aiyoo xda sistematik lha organisation dyorang...
ah air[ manis]
x maok g p sana....phewwwwwww
back home around 12.++ am and LANDING